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We provide all residential HVAC services for your home and work with homes of every size and architectural style. Whether you need a new installation, a repair, replacement of your HVAC system, or a maintenance service, we can complete the job. C & L Heating & A/C Service has the industry experience to service older furnaces and air conditioning units, so we work with many older homes as well. We can obtain hard-to-find parts and advise on upgrades or replacements. We want to extend the lifespan of your product, while keeping your home safe and comfortable.


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Businesses have specialty HVAC needs that differ from the needs of a homeowner. Our team can handle these needs using our advanced equipment and experience. Stores with large inventory storage often need special consideration for humidity and temperatures to protect their products. Large buildings and offices with several floors, require complex ventilation, heating, and cooling systems to maintain a comfortable and consistent temperature. C & L Heating & A/C Service will install, repair, and replace product to achieve all these goals, so that we can create a comfortable environment for your employees. Call us and let us customize our services for your business.


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We provide full installations of ventilation systems, furnaces, and air conditioning units for homes and businesses. Our experienced team of installers study detailed floor plans for new buildings and homes to determine the best and most cost efficient units for you and go over a comprehensive service schedule and get the project done promptly and within your budget.


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C & L Heating & A/C Service also offers full replacements for business and home HVAC systems. Whether you want to upgrade your existing product or need replacements for run down systems, we can help! We understand that replacements can be expensive, so we promise never to pressure you into purchasing additional products. We make suggestions to create the best HVAC system for your building and only offer exactly what you need.
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